A Poem: “Gravesite”

Gravesite I haven’t been here in some time It is too painful to visit this gravesite But flowers in hand, I plead with glossy eyes For forgiveness of my neglect It's been years Of sweeping dirt under mat It's been years Of rumors going around my mind that I am okay I think I needed [...]

My First Time

Last year was my first time seeing a therapist, a long overdue decision. I started to feel myself slipping away from myself. That was the deciding factor. I was living alone at the time, which has become my preference over the years and perhaps had/has a hand in my mental state. I slipped into a [...]

I Needed Him to Save Me

Fairy tales were required reading and I bought into the idea of "Prince Charming" at a young age.  Neither represented reality and it felt so good to be brought into this perfect world where strangers sank deeply in love and always lived happily after.  Driven by my imagination, I envisioned being swept off my feet [...]


In an effort to hold on to the experience, to the peace that I felt for a month while living in the mountains, I took a number of photos and videos. My intention was to create a blog post so that you could see and understand the mental state that I was in. The benefit [...]

Mother of None, Table for One

I’ve been told that if I were to have a child, my maternal instincts would kick in. I don’t doubt that. I really love children. However, I am not overtly nurturing. I think that I love passively and that I'm relatively distant.  I’m kind and compassionate, but the trait that seems confined to women, that [...]


I remember small details from my childhood in Jamaica, before migrating to the US. I recall a blossomed cherry tree, adorned with ripe fruit, in someone’s yard. I remember the leaves of an almond tree and the raw nuts dangling. Bag juice & jack fruit. Sometimes I wonder if my affinity toward trees and plants [...]

I Joined a Dating Site

I was bored.  I deleted it 24 hours later. If they allowed me to delete to do it sooner, I would have.  I received well over a 100 notifications before I "hid" my profile until the 24-hour grace period. I didn't even have a real bio up, which was indicative of my lack of attachment [...]