Sheena O. Murray is a native of Kingston, Jamaica. A migrant, she is now a Florida resident. She developed her love for performing arts while trying to belt the 80’s tunes of Whitney Houston and 90’s tunes of Toni Braxton.  Fast forward past heartbreak and uncertainty, she released her first official single, “One’, in 2014, scoring a feature on Soultracks.com.

After a successful release of her debut EP, “SOMone”, in 2016,  she took a short creative break and was cast in her first professional show as a star in the musical “Dreamgirls”.

Her melodies paired with her natural gift of writing, her sultry, smooth, yet textured tone, creates a unique and coveted sound that does not fit into a box. She is an individual with an organic sound and honest love for music, with the need to make people feel something.

Sheena O. Murray is a creative and an artist through-and-through.

She simply loves sing and compost and she desires to make people feel something. Her goal is to remind people that our human emotions are beautiful. To remind people that they are not alone.

“I am my most authentic self on stage” — SOM

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