Hers is a simple story.  It is a story of a girl who meets music, falls in love with music and bears the seed of this romance with melodies and lyrical prowess.
Sheena O. Murray is a native of Kingston, Jamaica. She migrated to Brooklyn New York at the tender age of 5, then to Fort Lauderdale, Florida only a few years later. She developed her love for performing arts while trying to belt the 80’s tunes of Whitney Houston and 90’s tunes of Toni Braxton, but only when no one was listening. Her love for performance art lead her to Dillard High School of the Arts, where she performed in several plays and musicals, always as a minor character. Hiding her talent and love for music, she would write songs and poetry to satisfy her right brain. Pushing her fears aside, she joined a few girl groups but felt her need for self-expression would better suit a more individual and solo approach. After high school, she began taking her music to recording studios, taking the bus or catching a ride, however she could arrive. Fast forward past heartbreak and uncertainty, she released her first official single, “One’, in 2014, scoring a feature on
Her official and anticipated project titled “SOMone” is an EP of 5 songs, featuring “One” and “Right Now”. Her melodies paired with her natural gift of writing, her sultry, smooth, yet textured tone, creates a unique and coveted sound that does not fit into a box. She is an individual with an organic and honest love for music with the need to make people feel something.

Always a poet, writing songs was never a feat. Writing her first song at 10 years old, she still remembers it and laughs at the recollection. She took her originals to recording studios, trying to develop her own style and trying to “make it” on her own. Hitching a ride, catching the bus, anyway she knew how, she ended up right where her spirit led. She became like an architect, designing her own future with the one thing that made sense to her. Her fluid and easy-going sound matches her nature.

There are no violins to play behind the recounting of her story. If you were to ask her, she would tell you that it’s as simplistic as it sounds, the path that led her to “now”. She simply loves to sing and create songs and desires to make people feel something.
Her goal is to remind people that our human emotions are beautiful. That it’s okay to feel, it’s okay to love, it’s okay to be open. Be joyous. Be mad. Be sad. Heal. To remind people that they are not alone.

“I am my most authentic self on stage” — SOM


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