This Is Your Captain Speaking

2018 felt like a traditional Russian nesting doll. It was like many years in one, filled with so many different experiences. There was a shitty thing, then an exiting thing, then diarrhea, then an unexpected rainbow followed by projectile vomit. A harp played beautifully, but a string popped. (You get the point). Light is necessary to form a rainbow and the last 365 days were, in fact, successful despite what felt like set backs. I am truly learning and accepting (with frequent tantrums) that turbulence is inevitable on this journey. I have to grip the hand rest a little tighter and adjust my safety belt sometimes, but I’ll arrive at who and where I want to be, shaken but undeterred.

Some of us need discomfort in order to grow. I am one of you. I like a challenge, though in the midst, it often feels like the Universe is bullying me. The triumph is addicting. I am excited about the new year. I’m curious to see how many of my goals will fruit, which parts of my self will develop. Which parts I’ll unearth. I am determined to thrive.

Being forced into change is humbling. This past year has beefed up my bravado; I am a survivor. It would be disrespectful to my evolution to not acknowledge how concrete my conviction to advance my life is.

Hindsight has provided goggles to assist with foresight. My vest won’t be bulletproof. I won’t be donned in knee and elbows pads. I’ll anticipate the possibility of falling, but I want to feel everything, so that I can feel alive. This is what our lives are made up of, hard lessons and strengthened muscles.

This is your captain speaking; it’s time for take-off…

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