A Poem: “Gravesite”


I haven’t been here in some time

It is too painful to visit this gravesite

But flowers in hand, I plead with glossy eyes

For forgiveness of my neglect

It’s been years

Of sweeping dirt under mat

It’s been years

Of rumors going around my mind that I am okay

I think I needed to see you, this way

Maybe to tell you that I’ve grown

How I can recall weights drooping my shoulders

& furrows in my brows

That I’ve bookmarked our chapter & revisited

Time & time again

But it’s been years

How is it now that I can find glory at your headstone?

Maybe I needed to tell you that I can breathe again

That the air became thinner during my ascent

That my lungs nearly collapsed

But I survived

It’s been years

You have hurt me for a lifetime

But I can now think your name and not wince

I’ve watered many-a-garden with my collected tears

And these flowers… I picked just for you

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